Max Baumann
Johannes Bruns
Matthias Hoch
Thilo Kühne
Frank-Heinrich Müller
Peter Oehlmann
Evelyn Richter
Rudolf Schäfer
Hans-Christian Schink
Michael Schroedter
Erasmus Schröter
Sigrid Schütze-Rodemann
Thomas Struth
Anett Stuth
Hermann Walter
Marion Wenzel
Thomas Wolf
Ulrich Wüst

“EAST” at the VNG
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin 2005
Castello Estense Ferrara 2005
“ART FRANKFURT” Frankfurt/Main 2004
“EAST AT DAM” Frankfurt/Main 2003
“EAST AT GFZK” Leipzig 2002
Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau 2001
cCe Kulturhaus Leuna 2000
World gas Conference Copenhagen 1997
World gas Conference Milan 1994

Vor Ort [1994]
On Site East [1997]
City Scape East [2001]



City Scape East   The photo archive of the VNG ? Verbundnetz Gas AG is one of the most significant contemporary German collections of photographic art. The pictures document the transformation of architecture, towns, villages and landscapes in eastern Germany in the years between 1992 and 2000. In this, the external reality of the photographs serves to reflect the social change taking place at the same time. The pictures, which become history at the moment of exposure, become places of remembrance, monuments to fleeting reality. With this, the photographs contribute towards the experience of the German identity. The turmoil of the reunification period also brought rapid transformation to the eastern German landscape. Industrial plants, suddenly obsolete, disappeared or slid into obscurity in the landscape. Alongside these arose the architectural indicators of the new age. Where at the beginning of the 1990s both visitors and inhabitants in eastern Germany asked themselves what the area would look like in ten years, it is now often hard, ten years on, to answer the question: what did this area look like before?